• The wait is over! The XGC mobile app has finally made its debut. Although there was a slight delay from our projected release date, Android users can now easily access the convenient services of XGC. T...

    X-GAME 08.11.
  • We are overjoyed to announce the successful launch of XGC, our cutting-edge web mining platform. We extend our deepest gratitude to our community of contributors who have made this milestone possible. ...

    X-GAME 07.08.
  • XGC, the new generation Play to Earn (P2E) gaming platform, is running a contributor recruitment event for its ecosystem from July 1 to August 31. The event offers participants an attractive opportunit...

    X-GAME 06.30.
  • The groundbreaking Project X introduces a novel gaming and blockchain ecosystem through XGC Coin, aiming to unlock new horizons of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. This innovative project aims...

    X-GAME 06.23.

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Load Map

  • Prototype Development

    The development of the XGC prototype begins. At this stage, the basic functions of the XGC token are developed.

  • Recruitment of XGC Ecosystem Contributors

    Recruitment of XGC ecosystem contributors begins. A website for contributors is developed, and the XGC token is distributed for the first time.

  • Recruitment of Companies Joining the Ecosystem

    Recruitment of companies joining the ecosystem begins. Participating companies receive technical support and the XGC token.

  • Initial Trading of XGC Token

    Initial trading of the XGC token begins. At this stage, the XGC token is traded on some exchanges to raise funds for blockchain development.

  • Development of the Blockchain

    Development of the XGC blockchain begins. At this stage, the development of the XGC blockchain starts in earnest, and the development of Project X also begins.

  • Beta Testing of the Blockchain

    Beta testing of the XGC blockchain begins. The beta test verifies the stability of the XGC blockchain.

  • Mainnet Launch

    The mainnet launch of the XGC blockchain. At this stage, the XGC blockchain is fully operational, and Project X is launched.

  • Expansion of the XGC Ecosystem

    Expansion of the XGC ecosystem. At this stage, more P2E game partnerships are established, and the use of the XGC blockchain is expanded.